ďIím not sure I was born to be a fisherman but I was born to a fishing family.Ē

Flick Ford
'Keys Bonefish'

Flick Ford

Flick Ford
'Trophy Brown Trout'

Today Flick fishes more than 100 days a year tying hundreds of flies a season and catching countless fish, familiarizing himself with their habits, anatomy and color patterns. Most of the fish he paints have been hooked by him and selected for its beauty.

After selecting a fish to paint, he carefully measures it in all dimensions, then traces it to get its actual outline. He then takes detailed digital photographs for anatomical details. He relies on both the photographs and his own honed artistic memory as color fades quickly in fish. The resulting paintings has them nearly jumping off the paper.

Flick describes his passions as follows:
ďIíve probably used most every kind of fishing method available to me. I prefer fly fishing but Iím not a snob about it, Iíll use whatever method best suits the time, place and situation. Iíve experienced days of second degree sunburn, rain induced hypothermia, nearly lost myself as well as a canoe in a storm in the middle of a lake, and drifted helplessly in the current of a river after losing my footing in my waders. I canít count the number of times Iíve gone fishless, but it just doesnít matter. I can truthfully say that I never had a bad day of fishing. The bonus of course is that my fishing is a part of my work, my work being to capture the image of as many species of fish that I can. What Iím trying to do with my art is bring the color and vitality of the fish out front and center for people to enjoy, angler and non-angler alike. We live in a time when our successes with riverine habitat rehabilitation must be tempered by our failures to protect our waters overall. If we as a species do not act quickly to reverse our follies in water management for the benefit of all living things we will surely perish. Iím hoping that viewing the breath-taking beauty of these creatures as portrayed simply in the taxonomic style I employ will strike a sympathetic chord with all who see them.Ē

As an angler you can relive the joys of your fishing days through his remarkable artwork. As a nature lover you can simply enjoy the beauty of Creation.

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