Completely cutaway port side fitted with her starboard battery and original Hercules figurehead. Apple, Boxwood and Holly.
Scale 1 = 8           5 h x 6d x 25l           $55,000/SOLD

THIS SHIP IS WIDELY REGARDED AS OUR NATIONAL SHIP. She is one of the most famous vessels in history, as well as being a fine looking frigate. This model was created to demonstrate how the ship was built, with special focus on the fitting of the diagonal riders. The original drafts by Doughty were used, along with the extensive written descriptions by Joshua Humphreys. This material spells out the size and fitting of all the components of her hull. Paintings by Roux, Corne, and Birch were referred to.

The hull framing on the starboard side was built up out of cherry. The main structural elements, such as keel, beam, knee, and riders, are of apple wood. The interior was made with boxwood. The outside planking on the starboard side is also of boxwood, with a number of strakes left off to show some of the framing.

The main structural members on the interior, such as deck beams, were severely cut back to give a clear view of the riders. All scarph joints in the keel and stem are cut and fitted. The hull is configured as originally designed, with an open rail on the spar deck. This results in a model which gives an understanding of how Humphreys envisioned her, before any changes were made.

Windows in the stern and quarter galleries are glazed, with the frames half-lapped of thin pieces of box. There are six figures created specifically to show scale, and these are placed around the model. A cat takes it all in from his perch on the keelson. The figurehead is carved from a single piece of boxwood. It is based on the description given by Humphreys, the eyewitness account of the Rev. Dr. Bentley, and the Corne watercolor of the ship. No castings, photo etchings, or laser cut parts are used on any of my models, and so it is with this one. The model is mounted on a base and plinth of acacia burl veneer with a maple insert.

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