Double Equestrian Figurehead of the 100-gun ship Royal George of 1756
Boxwood           Scale:1:48          5 ¼” high           $30,000

This remarkable miniature woodcarving is a representation of the massive figurehead - over 20 feet high - of the 100-gun ship ROYAL GEORGE, launched in 1756. This vessel had a long career, finally being lost when she capsized and sank while undergoing minor repairs in 1782. She is one of the ships the Colonial Navy had to contend with during the Revolutionary War. The figure is of the type known as 'double equestrian', because it shows a figure, representing King George, astride a horse on both sides of the ship. In addition there are two cherubs, three crowns, and two swords that make up this complex figure. It is the largest and most intricate type of figurehead ever made.

Lloyd’s miniature is carved from a single piece of boxwood (Buxus simpervirens).While it is very difficult to find boxwood for carvings like this, this material has an extremely fine grain, making it ideal for fine details. The figure is mounted on an applewood stem and base. The part representing the stem is tapered athwartships, like the original. The royal arms are carved in bas relief just above the end of the stem. Many different specialized tools are used to create such carvings, including diamond and carbide dental burs, and miniature chisels that Lloyd makes himself. This carving represents a major achievement in miniature ship model carving.

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