Wells Fargo Concord Stagecoach
Scale 4 =1           1/48th life-size           5 L         $30,000
Hawthorne, Applewood, Boxwood, Degama and Bamboo dowels

THE STAGECOACH IS A MAJOR PART OF OUR IMAGE of the Old West. The Concord coach is a transplant from England, and was perfected in New England. It proved ideal for the rough service in the Western states, and was a major factor in the settlement of the region.

The coach consists of two major assemblies. The running rig, or chassis, is the unsprung frame and wheels. The entire coach body, with boots, seats, and leather covers, is suspended on the running rig by two thoroughbraces, massive leather 'springs' which run from front to back on each side of the frame. This approach did something to cushion the ride, though Mark Twain's description of a ride in a coach reads like a roller coaster action.

This miniature stagecoach is constructed exactly like the full size original, with wheels, coach frame, and details faithfully following the type. This results in a jewel- like miniature, with all the fittings of the original in a work that is less than three inches high. The inspiration for this project came from studying the Faberge Imperial Easter eggs in the Forbes collection. The Coronation coach is the Baroque prototype of this stagecoach.

This approach presents the coach in two finishes. The right side is fully paneled, painted, and decorated so as to present the eye with the image of the finished coach. The left side is left in frame, showing the natural finished wood used in construction, with all the lap joints, pegs, and mortises used to fasten the structure together. The coach body panels are left off, to show the interior setting, and provide insight into methods of assembly. This is a unique approach which has never been used in the construction of a stagecoach.

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