The Jibe
Oil            32" x 48" framed            SOLD

Jibing a yacht the size of COLUMBIA was a maneuver that involved the entire crew, challenging their skill and timing to the utmost. Here COLUMBIA has completed a jibe around a mark buoy and is setting her massive spinnaker as DEFENDER follows in her wake. DEFENDER successfully defended the America's Cup in 1895 and was commissioned to tune up the newly launched COLUMBIA for the upcoming tenth defense of the Cup later in the season of 1899. Both yachts were designed by Nathaniel Herreshoff. Both were worthy of defending, but the newer yacht, COLUMBIA, with the renowned Charley Barr at the helm, proved unbeatable in a trial series that was, by all accounts, hotly contested.

COLUMBIA was 131 feet overall, 89 feet on the waterline, had a beam of 24 feet and raised 13,135 square feet of sail on a single pole mast. Her steel hull with bottom plating of manganese bronze had a 19-foot fin keel carrying 90 tons of lead. She was an amazing yacht that would ultimately defend the America's Cup twice.

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