Donald Allen Mosher
'March Thaw, Gloucester'

Donald Allen Mosher was born in Malden, Massachusetts. He spent his early years in Topsfield and Saugus, graduating from Vesper George School of Art in 1968. He then worked as an illustrator and art director for 10 years, and has been an art teacher and demonstrator since 1969.

Mosher won his first prize when he was nine years old, and since then has accumulated over 200 painting awards including the Gold Medal at the Guild of Boston Artiss. He has been featured in several national publications such as Yankee Magazine and American Artist Magazine.

Don recently authored his first book, "The Seasons of New England," depicting the many moods and changes in the seasons of the six states. Although Don's primary painting area is Cape Ann, he and his wife travel extensively throughout Europe and the United States.

Don's style is reminiscent of the early Cape Ann artists such as Theime, Gruppe, Hibbard, and Mulhaupt; these men were an offshoot of the American Impressionists.

Don loves to paint outdoors whether it's a foggy harbor scene or standing in the snow in northern New England. Visual excitement and freshness are always present in his paintings, drawings, and watercolors. His work portrays an honest look into his personal view of the world.

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